6 reasons to swap your pen for a tablet or computer

Do you often find yourself buried in piles of paper? Do you still post paper quotes and invoices? Do you employ someone who re-types or organises your paperwork for your accountant? If you have answered 'Yes' a few times, maybe it's time to get a bit organised and put some systems in place so you can spend more time actually working on your business than in your business.

1. Your time is your most valuable asset

Spend more hours on billable work, less on paperwork. Be the person who is in the charge of business, do not let those pesky paperwork tasks chew up on your time.

2. Automate

Setting up a job management software such as HERO.WORK App will help you streamline your day-to-day business processes such as invoicing and quoting which will ultimately create a productivity gain. All the records that you need to increase efficiency of you business - such as effective scheduling of your jobs, customer records, quoting and invoicing - are in your system!

3. Communicate with your team through the system

Save yours and your team's time. By using the system your team sees what you see and you see what they are doing. Do not explain the same things over and over.

4. Never lose your valuable data anymore

Once it's in the system, it stays in the system. You always find what you are looking for - it does not get wet, does not fade out, does not get misplaced. As long as your new system is properly backed up things do not get lost. What is a proper backup? Well, not a CD, as many burned CDs are only good for a few years. External hard drives tend to be more reliable, but cloud backups are best. And, good cloud-based systems are backed up really well out of the box.

5. Less staff, more money for you

Maybe now you do not need the office person any more.
With all data in digital form there is no need (or minimal need) to re-type or scan documents into the Excel sheets.

6. Access from anywhere

You can take holidays and you do not need to take all you paperwork with you. Take your laptop, tablet or just a smartphone and access everything from the other side of the world.

Disclaimer: The author works for HERO.WORK. We create software tools that save time for small businesses, such as HERO.WORK App. Works on your PC, tablet or a smartphone, fully in the cloud, always backed up.