5 reasons why every trade business should have a website

1. Build trust

Building a trusted website creates a complete and accurate picture of your company. Your potential customers want to know if you run a reputable business - convince them with your portfolio photos and trustworthy testimonials. Make it easy for them to get the positive feeling about you and your company.

2. Do not let your competitors take over your potential customers

Today, the majority of people search the Internet when they are looking for a tradie. If you do not have your own web presentation and your competitor has it, the competitor gains a competitive advantage and they are more likely to get the job.

3. Do not explain what you do over and over

List offered services on your web site with as much detail as the customers might be interested in. Customers won't ask you questions that you already provided answers for. As well, this helps with SEO (Search engine optimisation) - customers might stumble on your page on Google when searching highly specific information or answers.

4. Web page is a cost effective form of advertising

The growing number of customers reached via your website and low operating costs is much more cost effective and convenient than conventional marketing methods - e.g. local newspapers advertising or printing and distributing leaflets.
Do not waste you hard-earned cash on Google Adwords being charged exorbitant $30 or more (just check what "plumber Manly" costs) per click!
When considering return on investment (ROI), i.e. costs invested in creating a quality web presentation and the profit it makes, you will find that the benefits of investing in the creation of a professional website are unquestionable (not only in the long term).

5. Your friends and customers can help you advertise your business

In today's warp-speed world, information is mainly spread by using the Internet. If you publish the complete information about your company on your website and your friend or a good customer wants to recommend your company, they can easily find you by searching for your Business Name. They can share it on Facebook or Twitter. Referrals can be easily conveyed to your friends ...and friends of their friends etc. Your web site is better than a business card because it cannot get misplaced!


So, did I convince you that you do need a website? If you are an Australian tradie, check the current HERO.WORK website offer.