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What we do

We connect good tradeswomen and tradesmen with good customers. We make sure that customers get a good service for a good price. We develop sophisticated software that saves time for both tradies and customers.

Good tradies…

know the ins and outs of their trade. They will happily suggest a cheaper solution should they think it’s suitable. They work efficiently and warrant their work for any defects. They are honest and charge a fair price that they confirm with the client in advance. See our Code of Conduct for more information.

Good customers...

have realistic expectations about the service and price. They are honest and clear about what they need. They do not waste tradie’s time and they pay on time.

How we help good customers

Enter what you need and we will instantly provide a price estimate. Ideally, we will be able to suggest several good, verified tradies. You will see genuine reviews of their services, their portfolios and price estimates. Depending on the job you require, you might be able to directly book a tradie for a particular time, or you may request a more accurate (on-site) quote. Get started here.

We think that, unlike our competitors, we have the right recipe for quality. Many tradies use our system because it allows them to work more efficiently - not because they are desperate for work. We terminate cooperation with any service provider who fails to meet our high expectations.

How we help good tradies

Our booking process filters out enquiries form people who are “just looking” or for other reasons are not ready to accept a reasonable price. You only receive serious enquiries where the customer is happy with an automatically quoted price that you can customize.

Your processes are powered by HERO.WORK App - powerful Job management system. Customer details, address and services they require are already in the system - generate quotes and invoices with a few clicks - no need to retype anything. Communicate with customers inside the HERO.WORK App so you always know what has been discussed. Use events, reminders and notes to stay on top of things.

Most importantly, remember that we work for you, because without good tradies our platform would be useless.


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