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Top questions

  1. Sign up here
  2. Set your rates, professions and services.
  3. We verify your details (including ABN, licence numbers and insurance details) and enable your listing.
  4. Your business is now being suggested to customers in your area.

You do not get alerted for every job - we do not want to waste your time. Only when customer selects you, we will send you the job enquiry via email.

You need to accept, respond or reject promptly. We will suspend your listing if you are unresponsive - make sure that you pause your listing if you go on holidays etc.

You can contact the customer and seek more information. Accept the job only once you are ready to proceed.

Charge customer as you normally would (cash, bank transfer or credit card). Alternatively we can process credit card and online payments for you. Contact us to opt in.

It depends. Because we match jobs 1:1, you generally get only a few enquiries a month, but these go directly to you, it’s not a “competition”. Businesses with complete profiles and good reviews get bulk of the enquiries.

Sign up to HERO.WORK app and fill in all required information about your business such as company info, rates, services, location, travel and job related charges and availabilities.
You remain in charge of your business, we only provide you a tool to run it more efficiently.
You set up the travel expenses exactly as you need - the app supports per kilometre charge, min labour charge, call out fee and limit you travel with max distance. You can quote and invoice using fixed price or time and material. We have predefined services for over 100 professions.

Use HERO.WORK app to manage all your work or just respond to jobs we send your way.

Pick Services from the main menu. Most services have predefined pricing. We encourage you to customise prices by clicking on any service and setting your own prices.

An online tool for all for tradesmen and service businesses. Use it to to find more work, create quotes, invoices, manage bookings, jobs and more. Get a lot more billable work done, while still retaining full control of your business.

Because you want to save time and money:
  • On HERO.WORK you don’t waste time competing with other tradies - customer enquiries are one-on-one (sent directly and only to you).
  • Our commission is due only when you get paid. And, for a limited time, we are not charging any commission.

Our NO STRING plan gives you a complete job management app for free, no ads, no catch. This is, however, a limited time offer, it can be withdrawn or restricted any time. Sign up now - don't miss out on this unreal deal.

Xero integration can be accessed via the “Invoices” menu. If you use QuickBooks or any other accounting software - contact us.

Read Frequently Asked Questions by Customers.

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